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We are accepting trades once again! Please read the details below.

Whether you are donating or trading in, we have some basic guidelines in place to make sure this process is simple as possible for all. PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY! <--- We are serious about this thoroughly thing.

Trade in for what?

  • We offer in-store credit for good quality trade-ins of books and Tarot decks in good, clean condition. We do not pay cash.
  • Trade-in value is typically 10-25% of the original cover price but varies depending on condition and demand for each title. Please note that we do not specialize in rare or antiquarian books, and cannot offer educated appraisals for these types of editions. 

We cannot accept/do not pay for the following (WE EARNESTLY BEG YOU TO READ THIS. PLEASE. OH PLEASE):

  • Paperbacks with noticeable creases in the spine
  • Hardcovers without their dust jacket
  • Liquid damage
  • Severe wear
  • Mold
  • Weird smells (your strong perfume isn't as enticing as you think it is)
  • Excessive writing, underlining or highlighting.
  • Textbooks. Seriously. They are worth NOTHING at our shop. Don't even bother. We are not a dump.
  • Encyclopedias, Thesaurus or Dictionaries (unless vintage 1950's or prior)
  • Magazines and/or Literary or Poetry Journals & Quarterlies
  • Time Life Editions
  • Former library books (including stamped Little Free Library books)
  • Advanced Reader Copies
  • Reader's Digest editions
  •  VHS/DVD, cassettes or CDs
  • Outdated "What to Expect" etc pregnancy guides
  • Computer operating system guides
  • Outdated self-help & religious titles

How do I trade or donate?

  • Lots of 3 bags/small boxes or less can be dropped off during our open hours. Larger lots require an appointment/heads up. Please reach out to for more information if you have a larger collection. 
  • Once your books are dropped off per instructions, your books will be processed in the order recieved. This typically takes 1-2 weeks depending on how many lots are in line. If you are donating your books vs. trading them in, you need read no further, and we send you thanks from the bottom of our bookish hearts! 
  •  Trade-in value is judged based on condition, relevancy and saleability. 
  • Once an offer is made and sent to you via text or email, you can choose to accept or decline the amount. 
  • If you decline our offer we will arrange a time for pick up of your books at our store.
  • If we do not receive a response to your offer after 10 days, we will assume acceptance of your books and apply the store credit to your account.

What can I do with this credit?

  • Trade-in credit is usable for the purchase of books only (used and new!) both in-store and online. Please note that credit does not cover shipping costs. If you are using store credit  to pay in full on orders which require shipping through USPS, you will be charged shipping costs. Choosing to pick up in-store? No extra charges will be added. 
What do you do with books you choose not to accept?
  • Books not chosen for shelving will either be donated to local Little Free Libraries, local charities, or set aside for our free/bargain cart. If they are horribly dirty or moldy then yes, we will wrinkle our noses and throw them in the recycling. Cause ew.

How do I check my balance?

  • Our website currently does not display/manage your credit balance so please reach out to us anytime you would like to check in on your account. 

How do I use more store credit to make a purchase online?

  • Place your order on our website, supply your payment information and note in the instructions to please apply your credit on file. Your card will not be charged until we confirm stock, apply your credit and add processing/shipping fees, if required.